Tyche Bou­tique Hotel is the first bou­tique hotel in the Bicol region. Opened in Octo­ber 8 2011 this lovely bou­tique hotel is located at the heart of Legazpi City. This hotel is con­cep­tu­al­ized by  their fond­ness of travel adven­ture and week­end getaway .

The word “Tyche” comes from a Greek God­dess nameTYKHE  the god­dess or spirit of for­tune, chance, prov­i­dence and fate. And Bou­tique Hotel is some­times known as “design hotels” or “lifestyle hotels”. The is term pop­u­lar­ized in North Amer­ica and the United King­dom to describe hotels which often con­tain lux­ury facil­i­ties of vary­ing size in unique or inti­mate set­tings with full ser­vice accommodations.

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